Book on Kurdish language and literature to pave way for readers
Kurdish Language and Literature is a new book written by the Kurdish University Professor Bakhtiar Sadjadi and Kurdish studies student Mazhar Ebrahimi.

Released by the Kurdish publications of Gutar, the book sheds light on the Kurdish writing system, popular culture, oral literature, Kurmanji and Sorani classic literature, poetry and etc.

The book can be taught as the main source of “Kurdish language and literature” unit, an optional two-unit course for all B.A. students, the cover of the book reads.

Iran has officially included the Kurdish Language and Literature major in college curriculum in the country.

The Kurdistan University has already admitted two groups of students into the major.

The head of Kurdish Language and Literature Department of Kurdistan University, Dr. Sadjadi has played a pivotal role in the painstaking efforts to boost Kurdish studies in the university.

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News Code: 17284  |  Date: 2017/10/15  |  Time: 14 : 27

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