Iraqi forces won’t enter Kurdistan Region: Peshmerga secretary general
The Secretary General of the Kurdish forces of Peshmerga stated that the forces of Iraqi army would not enter the official borders of Kurdistan Region determined during Saddam Hussein era.

Jabbar Yawar told Xendan that the goal point of the Iraqi army operation is the former borders between Kurdistan Region and Iraq and they will not enter Kurdistan Region borders, adding that Erbil, the capital of the region, is not their goal.

He added that the Iraqi army has now arrived the borderlines set in 2003, continuing to say that the Kurdish and Iraqi forces fought in Perdi near Erbil.

Yawar further said that Iraqi army would make the borderline set in 2003 if it enters Shirawe near Perdi, confirming that the forces have arrived to the line in the region of Makhmour, Bashik, Shingal, Rabiaa and near borders with Syria.

Yawar reiterated that there is no cooperation between the ministry of Peshmerga and Iraqi forces and the later has conducted its operation without any coordination with the Kurdish forces.

The commander further stated that the Iraqi forces will withdraw from the regions and reiterated that they would not enter Erbil.

He also mentioned that Iraqi forces have not entered any official border of Kurdistan region and they have halted their operation in an axis between Kirkuk and Sulaimani, near a joint check point.

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News Code: 17335  |  Date: 2017/10/21  |  Time: 10 : 36

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