Federal system resolves troubles in Raqqa: official
The co-spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Parliament called a federal system as the best solution for tackling troubles in Raqqa, the former self-called capital of the Islamic State (IS).

Ryaz Derar stated that there is different ethnic and religious groups in the city, northern Syria, and a democratic federal system can bring stability and democracy for the people in the city.

According to Hawar News, added that the people of the city are in favor of a federal system and they can rule their own region, adding that “a federal system is the solution to the troubles that the people in Raqqa are suffering from. People should control and manage their own sources and make ties in the wake of the understanding they have from each other. The goal is federalism, stable development and democracy.”

Darar reiterated that federalism is a suitable system for structural diversity and is a good element for improving the future, adding that the civil council of the city should accept the system for the sake of the city.

He called federalism is an antipode for Raqqa and stated that it is possible for the council to approve the system.

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News Code: 17347  |  Date: 2017/10/23  |  Time: 20 : 21

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