In letter to chief, PKK announces two worries
Ankara- The officials of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) officials in Kurdistan Region’s Qandil Mountains announced their two “big worries” in a letter to the party’s jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan.

In their letter to Ocalan’s call for PKK withdrawing from Turkey, the Party’s officials said they have two big concern in withdrawing from Turkey, that include; Turkey attack on the militants during the withdrawal and also Turkey government’s killing of time in the peace process and neglecting the rights of the Kurds.

The letter was given to pro- Kurdish Peace and Democracy (BDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtas and BDP deputy Sirri Suraya Onder to take it to Turkey government and Ocalan, who sent his letter through the BDP officials last Wednesday.

A BDP delegation is due to meet Ocalan in the coming days to discuss the withdrawal process with the PKK chief.


News Code: 4211  |  Date: 2013/04/09  |  Time: 16 : 44

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