July 14, 2018 / 09:12 AM
Opposition parties won't accept result of vote recounting in Sulaimani

Hadi Ali, the chief of Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) stated that opposition parties in Kurdistan Region will boycott the process of manual vote recountingof Iraq parliament election in Sulaimani.

KIU, Gorran and three other opposition parties in the region voiced thier opposition to the recounting process.
Also the KIU Spokesman, Hadi Ali, told Kurdpress in an interview that his party and the other opposition parties go against the recount result since, despite Iraqi federal court order and call for recounting all votes, just some votes have been recounted.
According to him just 188 ballot boxes, out of 452 boxes, have been recounted
The official further underscored 6 opposition parties in the region are not satisfied with the recounting process of the votes in Sulaimani and would therefore not accept the result of the polls.
Ali also revealed to Kurdpress that boycotting the result of the election is a choice of the opposition parties but stressed that he personally believes boycotting will not serve democracy and Iraq political process.
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