September 6, 2018 / 02:33 PM
PUK, KDP not to take side in rival between Iraqi coalitions: official

A leading Kurdish official and the Spokesman of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Saadi Ahmed Pire, told Kurdpress in an interview that the party and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) intentionally boycotted the first Iraqi parliament meeting as they are not seeking to take part in the rival between the two Iraqi big coalitions and have taken a neutral stance.

He further expressed his satisfaction with negotiations between the two Kurdish parties with officials in Baghdad and revealed that the KDP and the PUK have offered a joint project to Iraqi sides and the Kurdish parties are seeking to fulfill the project after the formation of the new government in Baghdad.

The PUK official also reiterated that the Kurdish delegation from the two parties are not talking with Baghdad officials on behalf of the PUK and the KDP but on behalf of all people in Kurdistan Region, adding that the Kurds cannot both be an opposition and take part in the government and underlined that anyone who takes power in Iraq should take to Kurds over its power.

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