September 10, 2018 / 08:38 AM
Syrian Kurds, government negotiating Kurdish autonomy, analyst tells Kurdpress

Professor Christopher Bolan believes that negotiations between Kurds in Syria and he central government in Damascus are over giving autonomy to the Kurds according the to-be- passednew constitution of the country.

An analyst at the Strategic Studies Institute, Bolan said the lack of US support to the Kurds in Syria, for example Turkey attack on Afrin, have made the Kurds to link the event to the fear of clashes between Turkey and U.S. troops.
He further added that many in U.S. national security and defense centers believe the Kurds have been a vital ally in fighting against the terrorist group of the IS in Syria, clarifying that, Turkey, however, is a NATO member and is against the Kurds and Washington official do not want to see any clashes between their forces and Turkish troops.
The full interview to be released in hours.
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