October 4, 2018 / 11:26 AM
We won't allow Turkey forces to enter Manbij, official tells Kurdpress

The chief of Syrian Kurdish Democratic forces stated they would not allow Turkey troops to enter the yrian northern town of Manbij.

Mustafa Bali told Kurdpress that Manbij is under the control of People Council of the city which includes Kurdish and Arabic people in the city as well as from other ethnics and "occupiers" are not allowed here.
He further stated that whatever US- Turkey deal over Manbij is not related to the council of the city and Turkey forces are not allowed in the city.
Bali refuted Turkey FM claims that there are YPG forces in the city, stressing in the interview that Manbij is under the control of its people and council and stressed that the remarks by the Turkish officials to inflame another war.
The official also warned that any Turkey invasion will be severly responded.
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