October 21, 2018 / 12:37 AM
Referendum deepened Kurds’ disputes, university professor tells Kurdpress

A professor at the University of King in Canada told Kurdpress that officials and political parties in Kurdistan Region have come to the conclusion that the independence of the region is not possible at the current situation and so the case has been neglected, adding that the independence referendum of the region, held in September 2017, flamed disputes among the political parties in the Kurdish semi-autonomous region.

Zhigar Hassan stated that the formation of the new government in the Kurdish region has not been decided as the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) plans to put aside the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) from the new government or at least decrease and restrict the power of the party in the new government but “I believe that PUK will still run important ministers in the new government.”

Hassan confirmed to Kurdpress that the ties between Baghdad and Erbil, the capital of the region, has seen better days after the referendum, adding that there would be better days in ties between the two government as Erbil is quite eager to normalize its ties with Baghdad.

Answering a question about the recent parliament election in the region and the low turnout and well as fraud claims in the polls, the professor stated that there are accusations over frauds in the polls held on September 30, but it is better to wait for the election commission statement about the polls. He, however, said the result of the polls and the KDP leading in the elections reflects the feeling of the people in the polls as few people participated in the polls as many voters are disappointed with the result of the elections.

Hassan further called the issue of the disputed regions, Kirkuk in particular, is very complicated and the Kurds and officials in Baghdad seem unable to overcome the tension in short time; the issue of Kirkuk will take time and the efforts of the two sides to be settled.

I think that the issue of the independence of the region has been forgotten and the political parties in the region have come to the conclusion that the independence of the region is a dream and it is very unlikely in the wake of the regional and international complexities.

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