October 30, 2018 / 03:37 PM
Iran to establish goods trading center in Sulaimani

Deputy Governor of Iran's East Azerbaijan province Ali Jahangiri said the Islamic Republic of Iran will set up a commercial center for domestically-produced goods in Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region.

Jahangiri made the remark in a meeting held between Iranian and Iraqi merchants and said, “this Center will be set up in Sulaimani of Iraq by the private sector for selling Iranian goods and products in this region.”

According to Mehr News Agency he revealed the acquisition of licenses required for the activity of Iranian center for commercial goods and added, “the center would provide the grounds to be present in other cities of Iraq and also in Syria.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Jahangiri placed special emphasis on the necessity of boosting trade volume exchanges between the two countries of Iran and Iraq and added, “increased volume of trade has provided a suitable ground for the development of trade exchanges between Iran and Iraq.”

As the two friend and neighboring countries, Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq know each other well, he said, adding, “we hope that this move will be considered a turning point for the resumption of activities between private sectors' trade activists.”

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