November 6, 2018 / 03:01 PM
Kurdistan Region parliament holds first meeting

The first session of the fifth Kurdistan Parliament was held without electing a Speaker and their deputies.

Reving Hiruri, who is the eldest member of parliament, chaired the session. After he gaveled in the session, the lawmakers were sworn in one-by-one, reciting an oath from the dais, NRT reported.

The Kurdistan Region’s Judicial Council had earlier called on the newly-elected lawmakers to convene.

Hiruri born in 1951 has BA in history in the University of Duhok. In 2003, he became the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) office in Baghdad and was later appointed to lead the KDP office in Mosul. He was also the executive of the Barzani Charity Foundation in Duhok.

He received 14,043 personal votes in the September 30 election.

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