November 9, 2018 / 10:04 PM
Gorran seeking to join new government: official

A member of the Executive Committee of the Gorran (Change) Movement Shorsh Haji said that the movement considers joining the new cabinet if its policy platform was reflected in the government’s agenda, NRT reported.

 “The future agenda of the [Kurdistan Regional Government] is important to the movement. We will view the agenda and if our reform program, which we have campaigning on since our foundation, matches with the government’s coming agenda then we will work in that government in order to ensure the success of its projects,” Haji said during an interview with party-affiliated media.

In previous statements, the Change Movement’s Executive Committee has said that it will focus on the economic development of the Region, put an end to salary withholding, institute transparent accounting of incomes for oil, develop the agricultural and water resources sectors, improve food security and education, and nationalize the Peshmerga and other armed forces, among other plans.

The Gorran Movement came third in the Kurdistan parliamentary elections in September, winning 12 seats.

So far, both the Kurdistan Islamic Union and the New Generation Movement have said that they will seek to form an official opposition to what is likely to be a KDP-led government.

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