November 11, 2018 / 03:07 PM
Iraqi president Barham Salih hails Tehran-Baghdad ties

Iraq’s President Barham Salih hailed ties between Iran and his country and emphasized the long-lasting relations between the two states, urging the expansion of economic and security ties.

Iraq has strong relations with Iran and wants to increase it to help the economy and security of the region grow, said Salih in an article published in Iraqi Kurdistan region’s local media.

According to IRNA he pointed to reforming infrastructure, combating corruption, solving unemployment, legislating election law, and negotiating to solve the issues between Erbil and Baghdad as the Iraq’s priorities for the next four years.

The Kurdish president stressed that devising a law for elections that ensures transparency can restore trust between citizens and government.

Salih reiterated that fighting terrorism incurred heavy costs to Iraq but its annihilation demands the continuity of regional and international collaborations because the existence of terrorism directly affects the security of all countries.

Iraqi president also referred to Iraq’s other issues like water crisis, control of the borders, organizing business activities, and religious and cultural tourism, urging Iraq’s neighbors to reach agreements based on mutual respect with his country.

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